Numiko Create Game For CBBC

NumikoThe BBC have commissioned Leeds-based digital agency Numiko to produce an online game to accompany the CBBC television game show, Copycats.

Copycats is hosted by popular presenters, Sam & Mark who lead two family teams through a range of Chinese whispers based tasks.  The teams take it in turn to copy pictures, actions and demonstrate displays of musical genius, to reveal who will copy the best and win the famous Copycats trophy!

The game, which is aimed at children aged 6-12, follows the theme of the show and allows kids to have a fun and replay-able experience, while challenging their memory and copying skills as they progress through the various levels and zones.

The Copycats game is a key addition to the CBBC games section and it aims to provide kids with an engaging and entertaining experience that they can play on their own or with family or friends.

The game has gone live this week

Date Posted 22 February 2012
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