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GIB_LogoWorking with partners Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and CO2 Sense Yorkshire, the Chamber is bidding for Leeds City Region to host the Green Investment Bank. The business case to demonstrate why the Leeds City Region is the perfect location for the Green Investment Bank was launched in September at events in Leeds and Westminister and the bid has been widely supported by the city region's businesses, policy markers and politicians.

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If the bid is successful, the bank would significantly endorse the Leeds City Region's credentials as a leader in the green economy and strengthen its standing as a European Economic Powerhouse, creating jobs and attracting investment into the area.

The city-region's business case to host the world's first bank dedicated to the green economy is based on the Leeds City Region's:

Perfect location

The Leeds City Region is one of the UK and Europe's best locations for business. It is ideally located at the very heart of the UK with excellent transport links to London (two hours by train), the North West, the North East and Scotland. Locating the Green Investment Bank in the Leeds City Region would place it close to some of the UK's most exciting low carbon sustainable investment opportunities. The Leeds City Region already has a track record of existing projects, including electric transport infrastructure and electric vehicle production, offshore energy, carbon capture and storage and biomass and renewable energy production.

Financial and environmental talent

A dynamic and successful location, the Leeds City Region is the leading UK centre for financial and business services outside London, with over 120,000 people working in the sector and over 30 national and international banks based in the city. And organisations like CO2Sense, Centre for Low Carbon Futures and Science City York are pioneers in the field of supporting and investing in economically sustainable businesses in the green and low carbon

sectors. The Leeds City Region has the specialist knowledge, skills and professional supply chain to support the Green Investment Bank and its customers.


The Leeds City Region can offer available, affordable office space and competitive staffing, recruitment and location costs. It also has a portfolio of high quality, low carbon buildings that could house the bank. The Leeds City Region, already has the skill sets required to assess opportunities and make funding recommendations, saving time and money on set-up costs.

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Date Posted 20 October 2011

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